Cinnamon wellness belt – warming & firming!

The cinnamon wellness belt contains two large pads filled with the unique cinnamon-herb filling according to Asian tradition. It warms evenly and for a long time, the metabolism is stimulated and the blood circulation in the corresponding areas of the body such as stomach, waist, hips and back is promoted.

A special feature of the belt is the impressive effect it has on tissue regeneration after pregnancy. The cinnamon wellness belt has also proven itself after weight loss and to reduce stretch marks.

Application recommended for:

  • Back pain in the lower back or muscle tension (ideal supplement to heat creams and patches)
  • cold kidneys
  • weight loss and tissue tightening
  • as a waist belt for recovery after pregnancy
  • Stretch marks

The abdominal belt made of breathable material can be worn anywhere because it adapts perfectly to the body. Whether at work, when traveling or at home, it is so light and thin that you can hardly feel it when you wear it and still have a strong impact.

Use the effective cinnamon pads as needed
Thanks to the two interchangeable cinnamon pads, the belt can be used in many ways: on the stomach with the front pad, on the back and kidneys with the rear pad, or on the waist with both pads on the left and right.

Do not use during pregnancy because of its metabolism-stimulating properties. Do not use if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients.

Weight 0,8 kg


Velcro fastener


Belt: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester / (Pad) Cushion Cover: 100% Cotton

Herbal filling

Cinnamon, ginger