Traditional Asian naturopathy has shown us how invigorating cinnamon is for the body and how many positive properties this medicinal plant has to offer.

This Cinnea® cinnamon belt contains more than 1000 years of this wisdom. The essential oils in the tried-and-tested cinnamon-herb filling unfold their effects when worn and also give the body a soothing warmth. A real treat for body and soul!

  • Warms and relaxes the knee joint
  • gently relieves discomfort
  • promotes well-being

The cinnamon powder filling generates heat when worn, which penetrates the body through the skin. For an optimal effect, a wearing time of 2-4 hours a day is recommended.

Universal size

Our cinnamon products are delivered in a high-quality box.

Weight 0,7 kg
Upper material


Herbal filling

Cinnamon, ginger


Velcro fastener