Mother-of-pearl earrings SONNENTANZ

These earrings made of genuine mother-of-pearl are not exactly petite, with about 3.6 cm in diameter.

The natural pieces are each lovingly handcrafted. Decorative openings were elaborately and filigree worked in, through which the sun may dance, the purest sun dance. In addition, the mother-of-pearl discs shimmer in iridescent white tones. Excitingly beautiful! A natural jewelry for feminine elegance.

Each piece is unique. Our jewelry comes in a pretty jewelry case.

Material: mother-of-pearl (shell) / 925 silver

Dimensions: Approx. 3.6 cm in diameter, plus. Ear hook

Weight 0,2 kg

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Delivery time

Diameter pendant

36 mm


Material composition

Mother of pearl, Silver 925


Ear hooks