The CINNEA® cinnamon pillow provides relief from complaints in the neck and shoulder area thanks to the cinnamon filling made from pure cassia cinnamon. It promotes blood circulation in the relevant areas of the body and gives off an even heat that lasts for hours. In contrast to hot water bottles or grain pillows, no external heat source is required for warming up. The cinnamon pillow can be used flexibly anywhere, whether at work, when traveling or at home on the sofa.

Application recommended for:

– muscular tension (e.g. from working on the PC)
– overexertion (from lifting heavy loads)
– Sprains and bruises (after sports and car accidents)

The cinnamon pillow comes in a blue and white checkered 100% cotton slipcover. This can be machine washed at 60 degrees.

Please note that our cinnamon pillow is not a substitute for medical products or therapies! In the event of persistent or severe symptoms, the advice of a specialist doctor should always be sought.
During pregnancy: Because cinnamon stimulates the metabolism, the cinnamon pillow should not be worn.
Do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients.

Weight 1,0 kg
Delivery time

Upper material

100% cotton

Herbal filling

Cinnamon, ginger


Pull clasp